Hexuan(Refretonic, Quanitonic, and 3ALPS), is the top 5 digital industry printer manufacturer in China, which has 10 years of history. Having all lines of digital printer products, it mainly focuses on the Solvent/Eco Solvent and Sublimation(polyester) field. OUR MISSION Our business is built to address present issues while expanding new applications in the digital print industry. Thus, our primary objective is to deliver innovative large-format printer solutions with sustainable profitability for our clients. OUR VISION As a technology-driven company, our vision is to be at the leading edge of cultivating the latest developments in the world of industrial printing evolution. With the customer at the forefront of our efforts, we aspire to launch lasting trends that will lead the print industry forward. OUR BRAND PROMISE 1. SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS -- Advancing Innovative Research 2. EXPERT SERVICE -- Customer Satisfaction 3. EFFECTIVENESS &EFFICIENCY--The Expert Touch
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