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Large format-Solvent 5208K

Device model: Large format-Solvent 5208K
Print heads: KM512i 8 heads KM1024i 8 heads
Print width: 5285mm
Color: Full colors
Media: Light cloth, inkjet cloth, etc.
Ink: Solvent ink
Ink supply method: Siphon/negative pressure
Drying method: Infrared dry and blow-drying fans
RIP software: Maintop/PhotoPrint/PrintFactory
Computer: Intel I5 10th generation 2.2Ghz or above, above 4G RAM or above, 1T hard disk or above
Working environment: Temperature:20-30℃ Humidity:50%
Input voltage: 220V/60A/50HZ
Printing device power: 1.495Kw
Drying power: Front and rear hood heating 5.5Kw Infrared heating 6.6Kw
Physical dimension/weight: 7250*1150*1930mm/2350Kg
Packaging size: 7050*912*1570mm/2100Kg

Solvent printer 5208K

Print accuracy and speed:

KM512i   360*360dpi 2pass 278 ㎡/h;

               360*540dpi 3pass 178㎡/h;

               480*360dpi 2pass 237㎡/h;

               480*540dpi 3pass 136㎡/h;

KM1024i 360*360dpi 1pass 598 ㎡/h;

               480*360dpi 1pass 478㎡/h;

               360*720dpi 2pass 278㎡/h;

               480*720dpi 2pass 239㎡/h;

Standard negative pressure system ensures stable ink supply and saves ink

Adopt through-beam photoelectric switch material detection system, suitable for printing on various materials

Nozzle anti-collision system

The entire silent double guide rail without splicing

The standard configuration is a 3.2m external retractable material system. If a 5m external retractable material is required, it must be optional.

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